The purple transitional ish 1790s gown

Well I’m not entirely sure if I mentioned this dress at all or if decided to make it during my void of posts but for a Jane Austen even I will be attending in April I am making a 1790s inspired purple robe a la anglaise(ish) gown. I only say “ish”because I have shorted the bodice and changed the shape of the back to fit with the changing time . It’s not based off of an existing pattern but existing patterns (along with staring at extant gowns and fashion plates for a while)were referenced for some basic shapes .this was my basically initial and final sketch. Most other ideas and sketches were doodled on lecture notes so those don’t really count. I KNEW i wished to make an over dress but I wasn’t sure of the period or color. I then remembered I HATE empire waists because I don’t look good in them so I went for high waisted but not under-boob waisted. The color was chose because I remembered this great big piece of a satiny cotton I purchased for $2.45 at Salvation Army last year and I knew I had to use it.the gold lace and sequins were purchased on Etsy and I even bought ostrich feathers because I had spent so little on the rest of the ensemble.the sequins were had stitched on by me.this is just the cut liner roughly pinned onto my maniquin (please excuse the mess for the house is undergoing renovations)and here’s just what I’ve done with my flats to make them regency ready!


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